Sources close to the Clinton Campaign revealed new details about the upcoming Trump/Clinton marriage. Speaking anonymously, they confirmed that the wedding date has been set for November 8, 2016 at St. Patricks Cathedral in New York City.

On Fox News, Trump explained to Sean Hannity that the ceremony will be huge. Clinton has stated categorically that she has no intention of marrying Donald Trump, indicating that she fully intends to marry the Donald.

They began fucking each other in May of 2016. The relationship started on Twitter, then progressed to Tumbler, and finalized on LinkedIn where the Donald’s resume captured the heart of Hillary. The storybook romance has been well publicized by all of the major media outlets. According to NBC, whenever the two aren’t fucking each other, they are talking about fucking each other.  It is rumored that their relationship is open and that the two are often fucked by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. will provide additional details as they become available.

Update November 28, 2017
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